Navigate Any Terrain With Confidence: The I & I Tire Commitment!

Navigate Any Terrain With Confidence: The I & I Tire Commitment!

For most car enthusiasts, the narrow roads, old logging trails, and challenging terrains make car ownership worth it. 

Besides, why not?  

Going on adventurous terrains is one of the primary reasons why many individuals buy a car in the first place. However, how often do you consider the necessary preparations for such terrains?

Yes, before you embark on your adventure, you must ensure that you have reliable tires to make it through. Keeping the same in mind, we’ve listed a few tips to help you prepare for an adventurous journey.

Continue reading as we learn more about these details in the following sections of the blog. 

Tips To Prepare Your Car For Navigating Through Any Terrain

Check The Tire Pressure

Always check tire pressure before a long journey or carrying a heavy load. Driving on tires with incorrect inflation pressure is risky since it can damage your vehicle’s tire and influence your handling and fuel economy. 

Check tire pressure while the tires are “cold,” which means your car hasn’t been driven for three hours or less than a mile at a moderate speed. You could also check the manufacturer’s recommended tire pressure for all your tires or visit our tire shop, which is open 24 hours for such inspections. 

Diligently Examine The Car

Before you are all set for your adventures, sift through the condition of your tires. While at it, examine the tread and sidewalls for any cuts, cracks, splits, or bruising. 

What’s more? Bumps or bulges may also indicate tire body separation. If you come across any, don’t forget to call our specialists before proceeding to avoid the inconvenience and headache caused by tire failure.

Get In The Groove

When it comes to tires, bald isn’t beautiful! Tire tread depth should be more than 2/32-inch. Use a tire depth measure or verify each tread groove with a coin to get an idea of whether or not you need to replace it. 

If your tire shows a visible flat pitch throughout, it is worn out and has to be changed. Examine the tread for uneven wear, such as wear on one side. Flat spots may signal a tire problem and should be examined by a specialist at your nearest shop for tire repair in Atlanta.

Did You Rotate Your Tires? 

Getting a vehicle’s tires changed before embarking on a road trip is a good idea. Having a new set of tires can eliminate the possibility of compromised conditions and add to your carefree driving experience. 

Besides, it’s a good idea to rotate your tires regularly (every 5,000 miles or as the vehicle manufacturer advises). Rotating your car allows for even tread wear and gives you a comfortable driving experience. However, if you’re still confused about your overall tire health, it’s wise to visit us, your nearest Atlanta tire repair shop, to learn more. 

Carry Recovery Straps & Come Alongs

Bring at least one recovery strap, ideally two or more, and ensure you have a spot to attach it on both the front and back of your vehicle. If you don’t have a winch, get a nice come-along. 

A High-Lift jack may also be used as a come-along and a jack (among other things). It’s also a good idea to have extra recovery equipment, like a D-ring or two and a tree saver. If you have a winch, ensure you have the necessary accessories such as a tree saver, snatch block, Pull-Pal, and gloves, among other necessary equipment.

Visit The I & I Tire Services

Preparation is the key to a successful journey! When planning to go adventurous with your car, it’s important to undergo some mandatory tire checks. This could include checking for your tire’s age or current condition. Or, it could also mean purchasing all seasons used tires in Atlanta. 

At I & I Tire Services, we’re ready to help you with everything related to tires. Do you think you might get stuck in a challenging terrain? Don’t forget to save our contacts in speed dial. We are your go-to mobile tire repair in Atlanta.

Did You Prepare The Comms?

Handheld Family Radio Service (FRS) walkie-talkies are extremely useful and reasonably priced. They have a long-range and are lightweight. It makes sense to have one on hand, whether on foot or in a vehicle. Communication may add to the enjoyment, and in an emergency, if the party needs to be temporarily broken up, you don’t want to be out of contact. 

Stay in range if you must split. CB radios come into this category as well. However, they are less portable (most units remain with the car) and have a lesser range than FRS (and the GMRS frequencies on more FRS radios), depending on the radio and the antennas.

Don’t Pack Unnecessary Luggage

Every vehicle has a maximum load-bearing capacity, as found in your owner’s manual. Similarly, your tires have a maximum load rated and printed on their sidewall. 

Sadly, many travelers overlook such important instructions and get caught in rough terrains. Obeying these restrictions is critical since high loads are harsh on the tires and have a negative impact on the vehicle’s ride and handling. Remember, the heavier the car, the worse the fuel economy.

Save I & I Services In Your Speed Dial Today!

Navigating different terrains can be problematic if you’re unprepared for the adventure. However, things are different when your trip is backed by the I & I experts! 

We’re your 24-hour tire repair shop in Atlanta and your go-to:

  • Emergency towing services.
  • Mobile tire shop for both new and used tires.
  • Emergency fuel services.
  • Mobile alignment professions. 

No matter your problems, the I & I services help you navigate every situation. Wait no more; visit our professional service providers today. All the best!