Customer Reviews

I can not say enough great things about this company. I was 8 hours from home. It was around 7:30 on a Saturday evening in Marietta Georgia. I was leaving early the next morning and I accidently hit a curb which slit my tire. Onstar would have a tow truck there in 2 hours and and the dealership was not going to open until Monday morning. I & I saved me! They came and replaced my tire on site, checked my car over, and made sure I was completely safe and satisfied all within one hour! And did I say, for less then the cost of the tow truck alone? They were professional and more than friendly! I highly recommend.
Tammi – Marietta, GA ★★★★★5/22/18
If you do not have AAA, then this is a contact worth putting in your phone. My wife ran over a deck-nail just before entering our driveway. The tire was too flat to take the Jeep to a shop. I&I is a mobile shop on wheels. They came out last night in the dark and changed the tire, mended the flat, and re-mounted it as the spare. All for a very reasonable price in about 30 minutes. Amazing service. There are only a couple of companies in Atlanta that will do this. It could be a tremendous help – and prevent a costly tow.
Scott – Marietta, GA ★★★★★4/27/18
Prompt. Professional. Life savers. This wonderful company showed up at my home at 2am to fix a flat tire for me. Wonderful customer service over the phone and the gentleman that arrived to bring the new tire was helpful, and pleasant to talk with. Highly recommend I & I Tires!
Amanda – Atlanta, GA ★★★★★4/8/18
beyond impressed my tow service gave me a 2 hour wait so I googled a mobile service they came to my location in under 35 minutes installed a new tire on site the vehicle was nice and was fully equipped to balance the tire and all basically a tire shop on wheels they provided me with a brand new tire at a huge discount I will be using them for my 2nd car for an at home installation thanks guys I will definitely refer!
Jenn – Mableton, GA ★★★★★11/2/16