Customer Reviews

Called on a Tuesday morning. Spoke with Beverly who was very nice. Technician (Jesi) came in 90 minutes and helped me get the car out of my office parking garage. He completed the work in 20 minutes. He was extremely nice and thorough. Highly recommend Jesi.
Sameer ★★★★★2/20/2019
What a wonderful service! Fast and affordable they have both options of used & new tires to meet consumer needs you all have a new regular customer. Thank you again
Antwan ★★★★★12/20/2019
Wonderful service, affordable and fast you guys are offering something much needed! Thank you for saving me and my family!
Jass ★★★★★12/20/2019
They were lifesavers. The service was timely, professional and quick. They went above and beyond to assist me and were quite affordable. Thank you
Stephanie ★★★★★11/20/2019
Fantastic service! I will use them from now on. Super affordable and extremely timely. Chris was a delight to be around and handled everything with exemplary professionalism and made me feel like we had just become best friends. This is the go to company! Thank all of you for helping with my dilemma and getting me right back on the road like nothing even happened! Thank you!
Andrew ★★★★★2/20/2019
I can not say enough great things about this company. I was 8 hours from home. It was around 7:30 on a Saturday evening in Marietta Georgia. I was leaving early the next morning and I accidently hit a curb which slit my tire. Onstar would have a tow truck there in 2 hours and and the dealership was not going to open until Monday morning. I & I saved me! They came and replaced my tire on site, checked my car over, and made sure I was completely safe and satisfied all within one hour! And did I say, for less then the cost of the tow truck alone? They were professional and more than friendly! I highly recommend.
Tammi – Marietta, GA ★★★★★5/22/18
If you do not have AAA, then this is a contact worth putting in your phone. My wife ran over a deck-nail just before entering our driveway. The tire was too flat to take the Jeep to a shop. I&I is a mobile shop on wheels. They came out last night in the dark and changed the tire, mended the flat, and re-mounted it as the spare. All for a very reasonable price in about 30 minutes. Amazing service. There are only a couple of companies in Atlanta that will do this. It could be a tremendous help – and prevent a costly tow.
Scott – Marietta, GA ★★★★★4/27/18
Prompt. Professional. Life savers. This wonderful company showed up at my home at 2am to fix a flat tire for me. Wonderful customer service over the phone and the gentleman that arrived to bring the new tire was helpful, and pleasant to talk with. Highly recommend I & I Tires!
Amanda – Atlanta, GA ★★★★★4/8/18
beyond impressed my tow service gave me a 2 hour wait so I googled a mobile service they came to my location in under 35 minutes installed a new tire on site the vehicle was nice and was fully equipped to balance the tire and all basically a tire shop on wheels they provided me with a brand new tire at a huge discount I will be using them for my 2nd car for an at home installation thanks guys I will definitely refer!
Jenn – Mableton, GA ★★★★★11/2/16