Top Reasons to Maintain Functional Shocks

Your tires’ health depends on the state of your shocks. Shocks are responsible for reducing and slowing down the magnitude of vibrations that occur when driving your vehicle. Kinetic energy changes into heat, which is removed via the hydraulic fluid in the shocks. To minimize this vibration energy, shock absorbers will dissipate this before it reaches your vehicle and can be felt by occupants. Leaf and coil springs can also generate movements that need to be dampened by shocks.

Front axle with suspension and absorber.

Shock absorbers are installed at the time of manufacture, but like anything else in your vehicle, they need regular maintenance to keep them in good working order. Use predictive maintenance based on vehicle use or regular schedules set by the manufacturer. Make sure your mechanic inspects your shocks and struts during regular vehicle service.

Check out these three reasons to maintain your shock absorbers.

1.    To Improve Handling

The suspension system in your car is designed to ensure proper control of the vehicle under many conditions. Proper handling makes sure the vehicle is stable and safe, even at high speeds or on rough terrain.

To have good handling, your car needs enough friction between the tires and the road. Good handling also ensures the ease with which you are able to steer the car safely without sacrificing passenger and driver comfort. Shocks are a big part of the handling process, as it helps you react appropriately to your input.

To make sure your car has proper handling, your shocks must be functional and in good shape.

2.    To Extend Longevity

All cars (and other machines for that matter) that experience vibration from the inside or outside require something called vibration dumping. This is what gets rid of the dangerous energy present while preserving the internal structure. Vehicles undergo lots of vibration on a typical drive, especially on uneven surfaces, or when placing large loads in the trunk.

The chassis carries the vehicle’s weight, but you need shocks to shield this expensive part from dangerous vibrations. The chassis will last longer when the shocks properly dampen vibrations, and thus, the useful life of your car as a whole is extended as well.

3.    To Ensure Safety

Functional shocks prevent uneven tire wear. If your tires have unevenly-worn treads, they can’t grip the road as well, which means it will be more difficult to control the vehicle. Shocks make sure your tires wear out at the same rate. Good shocks also keep your passengers safe. Did you know vibrations can cause fatigue in drivers, not to mention discomfort and health concerns?

It’s wise to replace the shocks and struts if you notice any instability when driving at high speeds, uneven tire wear, excessive bouncing of tires, or leaks on the absorbers.

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