How to Match Your Tires to the Right Rim Size

If you’re in the market to change rim sizes or you want to change tire size for your vehicle, you may wonder where to start. After all, it has to be a precise fit, and those numbers can certainly get confusing. For instance, a tire size that reads 225/60R16 means the tire itself is 225 millimeters wide, the sidewall height is 60 and the center hole diameter totals 16 inches.

You only need two out of those three measurements to fit the tire to the rim: section width and center hole diameter.

Step 1: Place the rim up-right, like it was mounted to a vehicle.

Step 2: Going from inside of one bead (lip of the rim) to the inside of the other, measure the width of the rim.

Step 3: Multiply width (in inches) by 25.4 (total mm per inch). This will provide you with the first number in your tire size. You can add up to 10 mm to the width. Measure the height of the rim, rounding down for diameter.

Reading a Rim Size

All rims have three common sizes that have been stamped on the back part of the hub. These sizes are the most important in figuring out if the rim will accommodate the tire; but there are two other, equally important, measurements that you should know about.

Step 1: Find the size on the back of the hub, which will be broken out into diameter, width and bolt pattern. Let’s take a 14 by 6 by 4.5 reading: the diameter is 14 inches, the width is six inches and the 4.5 indicates the bolt pattern, which will tell you whether that particular rim will fit your car.

Step 2: Use a measuring tape to determine the rim width, diameter and bolt pattern if you can’t find the stamp.

Step 3: Write all measurements down before you forget them.

Step 4: Take a look at the backspace and offset of the rim, which are other indicators of whether that particular rim will work with your tire and car.

Step 5: Call a professional. If all this sounds like too much work, call your local trusted mobile tire repair shop. I&I Tires can install new tires on any kind of rim you may have. In fact, we carry many brands to fit all budgets, including Michelin, Continental, Pirelli and Firestone. We’re always running promotions on all the major brands. We will determine the rim size and tire you need and match everything up perfectly!

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