Are Electric Car Tires Different From Regular Car Tires?

In short, yes. You’ve likely seen the emerging popularity of electric vehicles. Perhaps you even own one. With an emphasis on low emissions and eco-friendly transportation, sales of electric vehicles have risen dramatically in recent years, increasing by 80%.

It’s important to realize that there are key differences between gas-powered vehicles and electric vehicles, and the tires are no different. Electric car tires are made to augment performance and offset risks. While you could add regular tires to your EV, it’s not recommended, as it can negatively impact the driving experience as well as performance.

Here’s why electric car tires are different than traditional tires.

EVs Weigh More

Electric car tires are made to handle the weight of electric vehicles, which weigh more than regular vehicles because of the heavy batteries they include. Most EVs, in fact, weigh more than 4,400 pounds. Regular cars, on the other hand, weigh just under 3,000 pounds – unless you have a large SUV, which could weigh the same as an EV.

This weight is due to the battery, which on its own can weigh about 1,000 pounds. Compare this with batteries in a regular engine, which weigh between 150 and 450 pounds. That excess battery weight causes tires on an EV to wear down faster. This is why you need EV-specific tires that are designed to handle battery weight while optimizing performance.

EVs Need More Tire Traction

Because electric vehicles have more torque, they have greater traction needs to optimize safe steering and braking. As such, EV tires feature stiffer, wider center rib patterns to prevent slippage and provide more grip. They also have interlocking grooves within the treads to prevent hydroplaning.

Regular Tire Noise is Louder

The big draw to electric vehicles is that they are so quiet. This is why tires designed specifically for electric vehicles are sought after. They augment the quiet, relaxing experience EV drivers have come to love.

Because EVs don’t make engine noise, the sound of regular tires on the road will stand out big time. EV tires will dampen road noise thanks to foam and rubber compounds that absorb sound.

Tire Shape Impacts an EV’s Range

EV tires are shaped differently than traditional tires, as they’re more narrow and tall. This helps to reduce rolling resistance and increase range. Most EVs get 250 miles or so out of each charge, even though the max is 400. You will want tires that give you the most range for your investment.

EVs Need More Durable Tires

EVs require more durability due to their weight, higher instant torque levels, and wear and tear. EV owners must replace their tires every 20,000 miles or so, which is more frequent than traditional cars. To get the most out of your tires, look for materials such as high-loading resin that make them more durable and longer-lasting.

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