6 Ways You’re Hurting Your Car

How well you take care of your car will determine how well it treats you. But there are many things you’re doing to your car or while driving that are harming your vehicle. You may not even realize you’re doing them! Here are the top six things that motorists do to inadvertently harm their car and dent their wallet.

1.    Neglecting the Tires

Check your vehicle’s tires frequently for tread depth and inflation. If your tires are underinflated, they will wear out more quickly, causing the need for premature replacement. This can also affect your safety, gas mileage and performance.

2.    Ignoring the Check Engine Light

You could experience serious engine trouble and expensive repairs by ignoring that little light. Sure, no one wants to see the check engine light come on. But it is trying to tell you something. Listen to it! Engine problems can negatively impact fuel economy.

3.    Failing to Change Filters and Fluids

From oil to transmission fluid, these are vital for the safe and efficient operation of your car. Whether the levels are low, or the filters are dirty, your vehicle won’t run as it should. You could even seize your engine if you let the oil go dry. Do your part to ensure your vehicle runs dependably while extending its life.

4.    Failing to Follow a Service Schedule

Many vehicle parts and components wear out or experience damage over time, which is why it’s important to routinely service your car so it runs in the best shape. Adhere to routine inspections and timely repairs so you can avoid more costly repairs later.

5.    Not Washing Your Car

If you let your car go too long in between washes, buildup of chemicals and dirt will occur. This increases the risk of rust from road salt, plus it reduces your visibility. In order to drive safely and save your car from getting eaten by rust, clean it often.

6.    Driving Aggressively

Do you experience road rage a lot? Do you drive aggressively, or excessively fast? Do you drive on the highway or in stop and go traffic primarily? It’s time to slow down and drive smart to improve fuel economy. Observe the speed limit, don’t drive aggressively, don’t haul unnecessary or large items, and make sure your vehicle is properly tuned.

Auto care should be a top priority for car owners, so make sure you’re getting routine maintenance so you can protect your investment over the long haul. This is especially so for your tires!

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